The Middle-Tier, A Beginners Guide

The Middle Who?

The middle-tier, also known as the application or logic tier is the engine of any web application built with a 3-tier architecture. In this tier, data collected from the user via the front-end is processed using business logic (specific set of business rules) and that information is usually added, deleted or modified in the database.

Why it’s Important

While the front-end is that fancy looking brand ambassador that just sits pretty (just kidding, there’s more to the front-end) the services in the middle- tier act like the heart of the application. Questions like what happens when you click the login button on a form are all answered by the middle-tier.

Enough Talk, Let’s get Coding!

The technologies used by developers to build middle-tier services are too many to count, but we’ll take a look at a few popular ones that you can get started with.



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